Midian Electronics

Midian Electronics manufactures products for voice scrambling, tone signaling, paging and dialing, radiotelephone interconnects, remote control and more. Midian Electronics was founded in 1975 by Chuck Soulliard in Tucson, Arizona. Since its inception, Midian has been a leader in the tone signaling and voice security industries. Midian’s first products were tone signaling modules for land mobile radio. These included DTMF, pulse tone, two-tone, and five-tone encoders and decoders. In fact, Midian was the first to design and manufacture after-market DTMF and pulse tone decoders. In 1981, Midian entered into the voice security market by introducing the world’s first voice scrambler small enough to fit inside a portable two-way radio.

When you need to put together a low-cost repeater take a look at Midian Electronics RM-1 Repeater Maker a low cost simplex repeater maker. It offers 2 station ID’s or messages with programmable Morse ID tone frequency and transmit speed. Other features include Morse ID inhibit, hang time, time-out timer, and remote access/disable using DTMF signaling. Add the RM-1 to two radios and you have a repeater.

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